• Exceptional efficiency and life-cycle cost. • The Carrier PrimeLINE unit answers rising energy fuel costs with superior efficiency. • Faster pulldown – vapor injection system starts compressor cycling sooner, minimizing power consumption. • Time-tested Carrier reliability means lower maintenance costs. • Significantly decreases life-cycle costs by reducing energy use and maintenance costs.

• The PrimeLINE® unit features an exclusive evaporator fan, stator, and 3-phase motor. • Optimized assembly reduces power consumption, not airflow. • Aero modeling reduces friction and resistance across the fan blade, improving efficiency. • Aerospace-inspired fan engineered and built in partnership with Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies.

Temperature Range:

-22F to 86F

Carrier PrimeLINE Refrigerated Unit from RAVA Group Containers Services in Miami, FL.

Condition: New or Used

Cooling Capacity: Ambient @ 38°C (100°F) with Exclusive HFC-134a Digital Scroll Compressor

Temperature Watts Btu/hr
2°C (35°F) 12,000 40,900
-18°C (0°F) 6,600 22,500
-29°C (-20°F) 4,400 15,000

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Refrigeration System Exclusive HFC-134a digital scroll compressor Zero ODP HFC-134a Digital capacity unloading High-efficiency evaporator and formed condenser coils Electrostatically coated all-copper condenser coil High-efficiency vane-axial evaporator fans Three-phase condenser and dual-speed evaporator fan motors Electronic expansion valve Refrigerant receiver with sight glass, Al coated steel for superior corrosion protection ATO (Sprenger)-accepted adjustable fresh-air exchange Electrical System Wired for 380/460-volt 3ph 50/60 Hz power Safe, 24-volt AC control circuit with fuse protection 18m (60 ft) power cable with attached CEE-17 plug Electric heat Main power circuit breaker Control System Micro-Link® 3 modular controller with dual sensors DataCorder™ electronic data recorder Backlit LCD display Energy-saving Economy Mode evaporator motor logic Pressure-limiting feature Cool, Heat, Defrost, In-Range, Alarm indicator lights Selectable timed electric defrost (3-/6-/9-/12-/24-hour settings) or automatic defrost Manual defrost initiation Time-delay motor start sequence current-limiting feature Interrogator plug Suction and discharge temperature sensors Suction and discharge pressure transducers