Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes available?

  • 10', 20', 40'STD, 40'HC

How strong are RAVA Group portable storage containers?

  • Extremly sturdy, made of 14-gauge corrugated steel sides. 14-gauge steel roof. 14-gauge steel cam-locking double door and some of our shipping storage containers are equipped with wood floors.

What is the exterior dimension of a 20' STD container?

  • 20'X 8' X 8'6"

What is the exterior dimension of a 40' STD container?

  • 40'X 8' X 8'6"

What is the exterior dimension of a 40' HC container?

  • 40'X 8' X 9'6"

How much ground space is needed for the delivery of an onsite storage container?

  • A 20' RAVA Group storage container needs more or less 75' of straight clearance. For a 40' RAVA group storage container, there is approximately 100' of clearance. The width needed is around 12'.

How do you deliver a RAVA Group portable storage container?

  • RAVA Group Container Services can deliver the container to you via a tilt-bed truck. The driver will back the storage container and lower the end of the container until it touches the ground, and then will pull straight out from under the container.

What is the electrical requirement for a refrigerated container?

  • 440 Volts, Three Phase or 220 Volts, or single Phase *** Additional breakers will be required on the electrical panel to operate unit

What are the temperature ranges for a refrigerated container?

  • The temperature may range from -40 Fahrenheit to 86 Fahrenheit depending on the capability of the refrigeration unit which varies by brand.

How many pallets can I accommodate in a 20' HC refrigerated container?

  • 9 standard - 1 meter by meter 1.2 pallets

How many pallets can I accommodate in a 40' HC refrigerated container?

  • 18 standard - 1 meter by meter 1.2 pallets

How does the refrigeration unit work?

  • The reefer container has a refrigeration unit attached to the back of the container and can either run on a diesel power generator or plugged into a power source with the required electrical capacity at a land-based site

What product may be stored?

  • Any food, pharmaceutical,or product that requires a temperature controlled atmosphere

Can I place a refrigerated container on the ground?

  • Yes, ensuring that the ground is leveled in order for the doors properly open

What is the point of access in a standard refrigerated container?

  • Standard refrigerated containers have the double swing door at the front of the container, allowing easy access for the forklift operations If you would like any other option, please ask one of the sales specialists

Storage containers, Shipping Containers, Refrigerated shipping container, Dry Box, Cold Storage Containers, Walk-in Coolers, and Connex boxes? What's the difference?

  • storage containers, shipping containers, Connex boxes, domestic containers, and portable steel containers are all names for the same thing. The name tends to change depending on if its a container with a refrigeration unit or not.

What if the refrigerated or cold storage container I rented RAVA Group Container services needs repair?

  • RAVA Group will maintain the refrigerated container throughout the term of the rental period. If you need maintenance, simply call us and we will come out promptly. Please reference your rental lease agreement for further information.

How fast is the delivery from the time I approve the order?

  • RAVA Group Containers Services can turn normal delivery around as quickly as 24-72 hours. If you need something faster, same-day delivery may be available.

Where can I purchase or rent a container?

  • Rava Group Container Services
  • 11149 NW 122 Street, Bay #5
  • Medley, Florida 33178 US
  • (305) 805-6938
  • www.ravagroupcontainers.com