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Our refrigerated container storage can be equipped with plastic curtains to maintain your container at the desired temperature while loading or entering. Additionally, our refrigerated container is also equipped with lights to help you see your perishable products while inside the refrigerated container. 

Temperature Range: -22F to 86F

Ready to cool - High-Efficiency 10' Reefer

• Polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation - keep your products fresh!

• Side door (optional)

• Curtains (optional) 

• Ramp (optional)

• Interior lights (optional)

• Interior Flat Floor option for rolling cart or bakery carts (optional)

10' length x 8' width x 8'6" height

Condition: New or Used

10' length x 8' width x 8'6" height

Electrical Requirements:
3 Phase 220 volts / 60 Amps breaker required
3 Phase 480 volts/ 30 Amps breaker required

Operation Temperatures:

-22F to 86F